25 Minutes With an Actual Private Cloud

Private Cloud Hands-On (aka My First Vlog)

Apparently, blogs are dead, vlogs are cool and SnapChat Discover videos are where the real action is 😊.  Well, I still love blogs, and I don't think I can compete with the Kardashians on SnapChat, so I will mix things up with a vlog for this post.

At WWT, I am currently helping a global financial services company pilot a private cloud.  We are using Dell EMC EHC running in the WWT ATC Labs.  If you want to learn more about the 200+ rack WWT ATC Labs, let me know or take a look here.

I spent a few hours here and there last week getting familiar with our live EHC environment so that I could best match EHC to the customer's needs.  Once I was done with my hands-on, I thought I would share what I learned in order to help others.

Enjoy and please send me your feedback.  Thank you.