Hey Google, Automate VMware

Hey Google, Automate VMware


My electric company gave me a free Google Home for signing up and I needed to see what I could teach it to do. I have been blogging (blog.faucher.net) about interesting developments in VMware lately, so this seemed like a good idea.


To make this simple on myself, I used tools that could run on my Mac. You could substitute Parallels for vSphere and Keyboard Maestro for another macro tool.
  • Google Home
  • VMware installation. I used VMware Parallels, but vSphere could just as easily be used.
  • DropBox
  • Keyboard Maestro for Mac (www.keyboardmaestro.com)

Quick Demo Video


Behind the Scenes Instructional Video

You can find all the files referenced in this video on my GitHib page here

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