Kubernetes on vSphere 7 Demo - Developer View

Kubernetes on vSphere 7 Demo - Developer View

Part 1

You can find Part 1 of this series, focusing on setting up the Kubernetes Supervisor Cluster, here


VMware just released information on vSphere 7 and all the new features included. One of those is native Kubernetes. To see an amazing clickable mind map drilling into all new features see this page.


It is March 19th, 2020 as I write this and all in-person meetings are, wisely, cancelled or moved to webinar format. Finding yourself with a little extra time is a perfect opportunity to “Sharpen the Saw”. Getting some hands on with vSphere 7 and Kubernetes sounded like a good idea. I am recording two demos using the VMware vSphere 7 Kubernetes Hands On Lab. This demo shows a Kubernetes developer creating a new application on top of vSphere using native Kubernetes commands. 

Demo Video

You can find this Youtube demo here. Enjoy and please feel free to provide feedback.